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We are experienced investors that source, rehab, rent & manage for investors who earn tremendous passive cash flow.

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Financing Solutions – Rentals can someone please edit my paper are usually all cash, in some cases these financing solutions will work for strong borrowers and with skin in the game.

Mainstay Capital – acquisition and rehab loans similar to hard money.  Blanket portfolio loans – 6.5% with points, 60% of value.

www.mybloombank.com – for strong borrowers they will do secured credit lines for acquistion and rehab, and they will blanket multiple rental properties in one loan.  75% of value, around 5%, 20-50K properties ok, will consider non buy english essays local investors if strong borrowers.

www.limaonecapital.com – blanket portfolio loans – terms subject to change – 30 year amortization 7.4-9%, 50K minimum loans, you can finance multiple properties.

Hard Money – we have hard money contacts too if helpful


Why Indianapolis?

Affordability – Cost of Living is 20% Below the National Average.  Forbes ranked Indianapolis as one of the “Top 10 Bang for Your Buck” cities.  CNNMoney.com recently rankedessay custom writing Indianapolis as the most affordable U.S. housing market

Stability – Ranked #1 Most Stable Real Estate Market in the Country.  During the recession that saw many markets drop 50%, Indianapolis real estate values declined only 7%.

Job Growth –  Fastest Job Growth in the MidWest.

Population Growth – 13th Largest Metro in US.  15% Population Growth over the Last Decade.

Business and Careers – Forbes ranked Indy one of the “Top 10 Best Places for Business and Careers”.

Fun and Entertainment – Indy 500, 2 Major Sports Teams, Great Craft Beer, Downtown and nearby Booming, Famous Children’s Museum, International Airport

Potential Returns – Indianapolis has one of the highest monthly rent to price ratios in the nation (approximately 1% vs. a national average of 0.4%)


A class – expensive areas and suburbs, low returns

B class – solid rental areas such as township schools and the list below

C class – blue collar areas outside of high crime areas, high returns. This is were most of our investors target their investment properties.

D class – low income and high crime, really high returns to offset the risk. We do have buyers that invest in these areas, they are comfortable with the property management and risk.

Trulia Crime Rate Map – For C class rentals they are usually Center Township and Indianapolis Public Schools, just want to make sure they are not in the high crime zones (red) which we consider D class. Trulia has a great resource:

A list of solid B class rentals areas, some are Center Township/IPS, some Township Schools. Some of these areas have flips:

Fountain Square
Garfield Park
Christian Park
Bates Hendricks
Emerson Heights
Little Flower
Brookside Park
Windsor Park
Woodruff Place
Twin Aire / Prospect Falls
St Clair Place
Mapleton Fall Creek
Mars Hill
Drexel Gardens
Warren Park
Anything N or 46th St
Anything near or outside the loop
Watch out for 38th and Post, lots of murders

Neighborhood map of Indy


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